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Personal heroes are good role models for people to follow or to try and live up to. They can keep people concentrated on a certain mind set or give them inspiration to do something. Whether people have heroes or they do not, they are a big influence to people either way.

One of the biggest heroes to people is the military. It stands tall, strong, and proud. It defends the country and the people within. Many people look to the military as a whole because of the great pride and good morals it provides. Many people have family in the military whom they look up to. Either a general or a cadet it still shows one’s family their level of determination and pride. The military has multiple branches that reach far and wide across the world. Soldiers deployed around the world help make those they protect feel safe. They save children and innocents who cannot defend themselves.

Heroes can also be found more locally such as firemen, policemen, or rangers. These people have worked hard for their respected positions and carry a sense of duty and morality on their shoulders. Young children look up to these people as they are introduced to them at an early age and see them as protectors that save people. Young adults look at these people as role models or those who know what to do in life so they follow in their steps. Firemen and policemen save and protect people every day; rangers show as figures who teach responsibility and respect for nature.

Possibly some of the most thought of heroes, are parents. Parents are almost always there for their child. They provide a sense of protection, success, and love that you may not be able to get out of a different type of role model. A parent will be there to comfort their child when they are distraught. A mother’s love goes a long way. A father’s guidance can last a lifetime. Parents may prove to be the best heroes of all as they provide countless lessons and are constant role models for their children.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They serve as models and guides for others to follow and look up to. From the military to your own parents, heroes come from all over the world and can be found in many types of people.